Pictures: Twitter
Pictures: Twitter

Fancy a heater for R650? Folks are flogging their liquor in the most hilarious ways

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Jul 27, 2020

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Since announcing the ban on the sale and distribution of alcohol during advanced level 3, most South Africans have taken President Ramaphosa’s announcement to heart.

Others have taken to somewhat unusual ways of flogging their “wares” on social media.

Want to purchase a heater for R650? What about a coffee machine for R600?

It’s a steal, we know. But if you’re in the mood for something a bit more strong for your palette, you just need to look beyond the obvious.

Flouting the ban on alcohol sales, some social media users have found a humorous, yet illegal, way around the regulation. One user even posted that they had “adult juice” for sale.

For those taking stock of their dwindling alcohol stash, it’s going to be a dry next few weeks. But taking a chance by enquiring about one of these ads? It depends on how desperate you are.

Flourishing illegal market

According to the official South African Government Twitter account: “The sale of alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited under the current level 3 regulations.”

In response, the liquor industry said the decision to ban the sale of alcohol would lead to job losses.

They said the initial suspension of alcohol sales restricted the legal trade and fuelled the illegal market's growth.

“It also creates security concerns for liquor outlets. The illicit market operates mostly uncontrolled. For this restriction to be viable, it must be accompanied by considerably increased law enforcement,” said National Liquor Traders Council.

Please note: In no way does IOL Lifestyle condone the illegal sale of alcohol during level 3

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