Pair your whisky with the right food - Pic Jeannette Wentzel

Need some ideas to pair your food and whisky this #InternationalWhiskyDay?  

We asked Whisky Live Public Relations and Social Media Guru, Charlotte Kearsey to share with us some food and whisky pairings that will inspire.

She says: “Pairing food with whisky is somewhat of a controversial topic, even though it is a common in European and Asian countries. However, whisky and food paring is gaining popularity and the possibilities are rather fascinating, and endless!"

She adds: "The golden rule is that a whisky should always be evaluated to determine its flavour characteristics as this will greatly impact and intensify the natural flavours of the food it is paired with.”

Kearsey has chosen five whiskies and five foods that pair rather well together.

Scottish Leader Original has a short and sweet finish. The dominant honey flavours in the whisky pairs well with Gnocchi, amp up the flavour with a caramelised pumpkin and sage sauce.

A firm classic, The Glenlivet 15 year old scotch single malt has a rich and somewhat nutty flavour, its fruitiness really comes out when paired with food, especially with an oily fish like salmon.

The Bunnahabhain 25 Year Old from Islay is delicate and light on the palate and has a delightful lingering finish. It would be sacrilegious to not enjoy it with a traditional lamb pie and for those who have a sweet tooth, finish it off with a toffee apple cheese cake.

Another classic that needs no introduction is the Macallan Sherry Oak 18-Year-Old Scotch. In our eyes this Scotch whisky with its hints of dried fruit, spice and chocolate orange are good enough to wind down your evening on its own, but if you must throw a desert at it, try a dark chocolate soufflé.

Bain’s Cape Mountain whisky, recently awarded World’s Best Grain Whisky, pairs beautifully with the likes of a rich cheese like Camembert.  Bain’s softens the richness and enhances the cheese with its sweet hints of toffee and spice.    

* Whisky Live  - Public Relations and Social Media Guru – Charlotte Kearsey

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