A Carrot-cino from Locals Corner, a coffee shop in Seaforth, Australia PICTURE: Locals Corner
Not another one. 

I honestly thought that after the rainbow avo-latte, things would subside and life would go back to normal. We would drink coffee out of cups and not fruits, vegetables and cones. Well, I was clearly dreaming because someone clearly read my last piece and thought of this: a carrot-cino. 

Is there something in the water in Australia, that makes baristas think drinking coffee out of avocados and now carrots, is OK? 

Locals Corner, coffee shop in Seaforth, Australia, has decided to throw their hat to the ring and come up the carrot-cino. "We just like doing different things, we've being doing a few of these, one with an apple, one with an avocado, this week was a carrot and next week we will do something different," cafe owner Vanja told Daily Mail Australia.
The carrot-cino is the next coffee fad that is bound to take the internet by storm, like it's predecessors, the coffee cone and the avo-latte

I have questions. 

Why would you think drinking coffee out of something as small as a carrot, is clever?
Once you have removed most of the core of the carrot, how then is it strong enough to hold this coffee?
Who will drink this?
Are they actually serious about this carrot-cino? 

In the Daily Mail article, the owner partly answered my questions.  'It would be very hard to drink out of because it doesn't hold coffee well... although the pint-sized coffee looks nice it is only a bit of fun as the vegetable-coffee combo is not very practical.'

Thank goodness. 

I just hope that people get the good sense to realise that this is not a good idea and they shouldn't do it. 

I doubt it though. There is word of coffee caviar, that's the new IT thing for rich kids who brunch. *sigh* 

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