Food pairings to compliment your favourite local beer. Picture: Instagram
If beer is your beverage of choice then enhance your experience by adding these food pairings that perfectly complement your favourite local beers

Just like wine, different beers have distinctive flavour profiles, which makes it great for pairing with most meals and even dessert.

These pairing options will help you select the right beer to go with your favourite dish.  
  • Stella Artois: A soft and creamy pilsner, goes perfectly with creamy food dishes and seafood, such as a lightly curried butternut soup.
  • Hansa Pilsner: With its crisp flavour, Hansa Pilsner is best paired with light meals such as a green salad, steamed broccoli, or even a fillet of hake.
  • A great palate cleanser between beers is Brutal Fruit Litchi, to give yourself a reset between the various flavours.
  • Carling Black Label: A full-bodied lager that is best paired with strongly flavoured foods such as a peppered fillet of springbok with creamy mash potato.
  • And lastly, Castle Milk Stout, the toffee, coffee, and mocha flavours found in this stout are perfectly paired with chocolate desserts but can also be paired with rich meat (oxtail and lamb shank) as well as other puddings made with chocolate and caramel.