Australia's Eat Mii Cafe, has created a rainbow avolatte PICTURE: @eatmiicafe/Instagram

There's another one. As if we haven't had enough quirky trends this year. Someone has had the bright idea to amalgamate two trends into one- a rainbow avolatte. 

Do we really need another weird trend? How do you even consume this? Is it consumable? A rainbow avolatte really is pushing it, no matter how aesthetically appealing it is. I know I wouldn't dare come close to it. 

So it seems that since the unicorn trend has no plans to die out, people have started creating more rainbow-esque latte art. When you search #rainbowlatte on Instagram, more than 5200 hits come up, which means that more than 5200 people have either created one, covet one or have drank one. 

If you want to make one, here is a video that shows you exactly how you can make this season's hottest food trend (that nobody asked for).

You're welcome

We ventured to Jindalee to find out whether @piggybackcafe make Brisbane's brightest latte.

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