Green tea is set to trend even more in 2020. Picture: Pexels
Green tea is set to trend even more in 2020. Picture: Pexels

Green tea set to trend even more in 2020

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Dec 17, 2019

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Tea is a refreshing and relaxing beverage, one that many swear they can't get through the day without drinking a cup of. 

Early this year, I spoke to experts at Carmién Tea who said tea has always been seen as a comforting drink and many a problem has been fixed over a cup of tea.

However tea, is no longer just tea. 

The world-wide trend towards health and fitness has increased the popularity of herbal infusions, including rooibos. Tea has become a major player in the competitive world of beverages. 

“Rooibos, apart from being unique to South Africa, is rich in antioxidants which help fight free radical damage, promoting health on a cellular level. Like coffee shops, dedicated tea shops and tea bars are now showing up, offering popular, caffeine-free rooibos versions of espressos, lattes, and red cappuccinos,” they said.

Green tea is set to trend even more in 2020. Picture: Pexels

International Health and Wellness expert, Maria Ascencao says green tea is set to trend even more next year. 

Speaking to Ascencao, she says consumers are more conscious of the dangers of sugar-laden drinks and are increasingly looking for beverages that provide energy, are natural with health benefits.

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“Green tea offers this and more. Its potent antioxidant effects have been scientifically shown to help slow the ageing process, balance blood sugar levels and improve overall health.

"It’s great for weight loss as helps boost metabolism. Despite green tea’s health benefits, this is sometimes compromised by adding sugar and milk. And, some find the caffeine content too high A great alternative is green tea extract which contains concentrated compounds of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and flavonoids, she says. 

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