Whisky and spirit lovers, it’s time to treat yourself to yet another episode of the Whisky and Spirits Live affair. Picture: Supplied
Neat or on the rocks. Those were words I used to hear people talk about, not knowing what they meant. It wasn't until I had my first sip, that I realised how important these words are when it comes to whisky. '

Whisky the perfect drink. At least it is, for me. And I prefer it on the rocks. 

I have always looked for the right drink to have that will not get me sick the next morning.

I tried different spirits, like vodka and gin, but they all were just not good for me. It wasn only when I was introduced to whisky by a close friend of mine, that I finally found a beverage that I could enjoy and I would still feel amazing the next day. That was the day I decided I’m never letting go of whisky.  
Having started as a novice drinker, I never liked having my whisky neat as it can be quite strong. Hence I have decided to keep having it on the rocks, until I move to the finer stuff.  

Just like most new whisky drinkers, the first question I had was which type of whisky to try first and I was told to start with a good beginner whisky, something light and easy on the palate. Single malts.  But I'm still grappling with drinking it neat. 

Neat whisky is considered by many to be the only “pure” way to drink whisky and that by adding ice or water, it's diluted. 

Well that can be quite true, but  I always find that the younger whiskies taste better diluted. Even adding water is the way to go but it can give it a bit of a sweeter taste. 

But I have since learned that   there is really no standard procedure of what you can have your whisky with, you can enjoy your whisky drink the best way you can. There is no wrong way of drinking it. 

I'm still finding my way around the spririt and learning more about is as I go along. Sure, I will come across brands I don't particularly like and others I enjoy more than others. 

I do know that I can't wait until I get to the point where I buy collector edition whiskies, you know the kind that stores are selling for R650 000? I think smelling it would just be enough to take me to whisky heaven.