Love it or hate it the 3 October is National Vodka Day so it’s time to appreciate the spirit.

A bartender once told me that he doesn’t like vodka but he does use it to rinse his glasses. This is harsh but often true of vodka which is not a drink of choice for the majority of spirit connoisseurs. The crispness and smooth mouth feel is a tough thing to find in a vodka, especially when it’s a flavoured vodka

The Director of Sip Exclusive Owen O’ Reilly has shared some of his tips on what to look out for and how to get the best out of your vodka.

The price does matter

The more expensive the vodka the better the chances you’re getting a premium spirit. Triple distilled vodka should always be your first choice at the bar.

Check the label

Flavoured vodka can be quite deceiving. O’Reilly says: “Some flavoured vodkas are just sugar syrup with some alcohol added.”

What you add is key

Citrus brings out the best in vodka, which is a neutral spirit. The sharper the citrus the better your vodka will taste.

Vodka on the rocks 

Just adding ice to a neutral spirit is like eating dry bread. With a premium vodka will get you a better mouth feel so you might enjoy your vodka more.