We spoke to Reg Holder of Lautus Savvy White about their alcohol-free white wine. It took the winery 17 months to create the wine. They are currently working on their red wine.

What has brought on this trend of alcohol-free beverages? 

As there is a trend towards a healthier lifestyle, I think more and more people will start looking at alternatives without alcohol. As mentioned above a trend toward a healthier lifestyle. Being more conscious what you are actually taking into your body and being. 

With a demand for more options for teetotallers, especially in restaurants, will more establishments see the need to diversify their offering when it comes to what they serve non-drinkers? 

As a product is still complex it will add to the diners experience. Without the sticking out. So definitely. 

Lautus Savvy White: does it still taste like wine, except that it’s alcohol-free? 

It has all the beautiful flavours of wine, looks like it and has a good mouth feel. The one thing missing is alcohol and its burning sensation. Alcohol generally also makes a wine more volatile. 

Are people drinking wine to get drunk, instead of savouring the wine and all the alchemy that went into making it? 

You’ll always find the two sides. I myself love wine and food, so for me it’s about savouring. And complementing a meal. 

What would you pair Lautus Savvy White with? 

Light Cape Malay curry, fresh fish over the braai. Or a fresh summer salad, with stone fruit and goat cheese! 

Should we expect more people to try this wine during  campaigns like Dry January, Ocsober and even religious based fasts, like Lent? 

I definitely think these months will have an effect, and I trust it will make being dry more enjoyable. 

Do you think non-drinkers will enjoy this wine? 

It’s a great alternative to the sweet and fizzy alternatives. So definitely.