An Aeropress is perfect for that home brew - pic supplied
The team at Origin Coffee Roasting have crafted an Alternative Brewing Course to get coffee lovers started on this journey. 

The course is also not only for coffee addicts - if you prefer quality over quantity when it comes to coffee, it will inspire you as well.

In the one hour session, barista Haley Arendse skillfully demonstrates the science of a great tasting cup of coffee as well as the tools needed to achieve the flavours and aromas you love. 

Barista Haley Arendse uses a Siphon during her coffee course - pic supplied

For the course I attended, she used beans sourced from Rwanda and began the brewing session by demonstrating the Aeropress and how to use it.

The coffee was quite dark and bitter but it’s all about personal preference. 

Arendse uses the same beans when brewing coffee with a  Hario V60 Dripper and Siphon. 

The latter looks like a High School bunsen burner and will definitely impress friends and family if you choose to buy one and use it at home.

The tools are important but so is the temperature of the water, the size of the beans you grind and the measurement of coffee per serving. 


Maximum 12 people per course

R600 / 3 hours

Available at Origin Coffee, 28 Hudson St, De Waterkant, Cape Town. 

Contact: 021 421 1000