Umqombothi milkshakes. Picture: Supplied
Umqombothi milkshakes. Picture: Supplied

Local food blogger introduces umqombothi milkshakes

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 23, 2020

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South African blogger and founder of Meals with Tumi , Boitumelo Maphothoma is on a mission to put the continent’s dishes on the global map.  

Being at home due to the coronavirus outbreak gave Maphothoma time to be more innovative in the kitchen and she has recently introduced umqombothi (traditional African beer) milkshakes.

Speaking to Maphothoma, she said she never thought of herself as part of the food and beverage industry.

Umqombothi milkshakes. Picture: Supplied

“I have always loved food, even from an early age. My aunt tells me the story of me sitting on my milk tin when I was one-year-old (while drinking my bottle) so that no one would get to my milk. I have a very specific palette so I love to create recipes based on what I think it will taste like in my head. I was twelve-years-old when I decided to try umqombothi but because I was a kid the only way I could have the drink was to put in a frozen yoghurt container (mix the two to mask the smell).

"The lockdown has challenged me in so many ways and to keep my mind fit I have been thinking about how to add modern twists to traditional foods, and that is when I thought about the milkshake. I wanted to cut down the bitterness of the beer and that is why I made a milkshake out of it. In my head I can one day have this milkshake with pap and tripe,” said Maphothuma.

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So I used my umqombothi (traditional beer) and made milkshakes. Once the lockdown has been lifted I will be adding rum to this mixture 😋🤤 cant wait 😍. #mealswithtumi #foodie #foodporn #drinks #traditionalbeer

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Asked if she sees this as an upcoming big trend, Maphothuma said it will be because many home cooks around the world have been modernising traditional food for a long time.

"It is always advantageous to try and always be creative and try things not many are willing to try. My rule of thumb is always to be original and always be yourself. Social media will make you realise that not many cooks want to challenge themselves, this is from their social media names to the dishes they make. 

"To make it in any industry you have to be authentic, be yourself, and be original. Many people have taken a liking to my milkshake. I thought people would be 'disgusted' but they loved it."

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