Pornstar martini. Picture: Super Golden Bake
Pornstar martini. Picture: Super Golden Bake

Mapped: SA’s favourite cocktail revealed. Here’s how to make it

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jul 27, 2021

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At some point in life, every foodie has turned to Google for help in the kitchen, recipe inspiration or just to see what's out there.

Swimwear company Pour Moi recently launched a new 2021 global cocktail report that reveals the most sought-after cocktails in the world.

Can you guess what South Africa’s favourite cocktail is? Pornstar Martini.

According to Google searches, the Pour Moi report reveals that Pornstar Martini tops the charts in SA and the cheekily named cocktail is also the most searched for cocktail across the whole world, with more than 18 million global searches made last year.

The cocktail is made from passion fruit liqueur, passion fruit juice, and vanilla vodka, with a chaser shot of Prosecco on the side. It is super popular in the continent of Africa and is also the most researched cocktail of the UK, India, the Netherlands and Singapore.

Here are this year’s most googled cocktails and some of the countries that search for them the most.

1. Pornstar Martini

India, Israel, the UK, Philippines, South Africa and Pakistan.

2. Pina Colada

The US, Mexico, Egypt, Spain and Chile.

3. Aperol Spritz

Greece, Canada, Qatar, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

4. Sangria

Italy, Thailand, Switzerland, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

5. Negroni

Paraguay, Uruguay and China.

6. Espresso Martini

Australia, New Zealand and Iceland.

7. Long Island iced Tea

The US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands.

8. Caipirinha

Portugal, Brazil and Morocco.

9. Daiquiri

Bahamas, Cuba and Oman.

10. Mojito

France, Japan and the Central African Republic.

Want to try making Pornstar Martini? Below is a quick recipe.

Serves: 2


60ml/ 4 fresh passion fruit

100ml vodka or vanilla vodka

2 tbs passion fruit liqueur

1 tbs lime juice or more to taste

1 tsp sugar syrup (optional – adjust to taste)

A drop of vanilla extract (leave out if using vanilla vodka)

Chilled Champagne or Prosecco to serve on the side

1 fresh passion fruit, sliced or halved to garnish.


Put two Martini glasses in the freezer to chill.

Slice the passion fruit and scoop out the seeds into a small sieve set over a cocktail shaker. Press on the seeds with the back of a spoon to extract the juice. For a lazier option, scoop the passion fruit fresh directly into the shaker.

Half fill the cocktail shaker with cubed ice. Add the vodka, passion fruit liqueur, lime juice, sugar syrup and vanilla extract. Sshake hard for 30 seconds.

Dip a straw into your drink and have a taste. Is it too sweet or too sour? Adjust by adding lime juice or sugar syrup as needed.

Double strain the drink into the chilled cocktail glasses and garnish with a thin slice of passion fruit.

Serve with shots of chilled Prosecco or Champagne on the side.

Recipe by Super Golden Bake.

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