Muti Gin wins top design award. Picture from Twitter

About a year ago Jan and Kobá Solms launched Muti Gin, today they are celebrating their first accolade.

The proudly South African gin won the first prize in the Clear Spirits category at the Dieline design awards in Chicago, USA.

These awards recognise unique designs of bottles, consumer packaging and product design.

The bottle is a beautiful shape, but the label is the most eye-catching. It's not a paper label, pasted onto glass - the logo is sandblasted onto the bottle.

Even the bright yellow paper wrapper that your gin is packaged in is worthy of a mention.

This creates not only a great aesthetic but also something that's tactile and memorable. This is not a bottle you'll easily forget, or even confuse with any of the other gin bottles on the shelf.

The gin itself is also not too bad, it's a  blend of Western and Eastern Cape fynbos. Muti Gin has ghô-kum and kusmalva plants giving it a uniquely South African flavour.

There are also citrus notes in this gin that will make any gin lover smile from the very first sip.