Red wine makes people feel relaxed and amorous while vodka or whisky boosts energy and aggression, a study suggests.

Researchers found drinkers have significantly different emotional responses to different alcoholic drinks.

The study, by experts at Bangor University and King's College London, found red wine was likely to make people feel sexy and relaxed but tired and tearful.

Spirits were linked to feelings of aggression and restlessness but also gave people a boost of energy and confidence.

Beer increased both relaxation and confidence.

White wine had a similar effect to red wine but less pronounced.

Picture: Roy Wigley, Cape Argus

The data is from the Global Drug Survey, an online questionnaire of 30,000 18 to 34-year-olds from 21 countries.

The authors said in the BMJ Open journal: “Understanding emotions associated with alcohol consumption is imperative to addressing alcohol misuse, providing insight into what emotions influence drink choice.”

Alcohol – known by the scientific term ethanol – is chemically identical regardless of the drink although other ingredients may have unknown effects.

Professor Mark Bellis of Bangor University and Public Health Wales said the way people drink is partly responsible for the different emotional responses, adding marketing plays a part.

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