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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Now that Savanna is in short supply, here are other refreshing cider options you can try

Now that Savanna is in short supply, here are other refreshing cider options you can try. Picture: Supplied

Now that Savanna is in short supply, here are other refreshing cider options you can try. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 25, 2021


We drank up all the Savanna. Sales shot up last year: we even started a viral craze to balance one or more bottles of the dry cider on our head, face, back, or chin or down it in one go. We have been popping through bottles like there was no tomorrow - and it turns out, there wasn't.

The premium South African cider brand has revealed that supply chain shortages related to the pandemic had led to a shortage in supply of the beverage. They are currently in a situation every brand would love and hate to be in simultaneously. The enormous love and support from South Africansfor the drink has led to the doubling of the size of the brand in the last twelve months, creating significant pressure on demand and supply.

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Some fans are worried after noticing their favourite cider selling out fast or missing from store fridges and shelves.

Taking to social media, one user wrote: “There’s a shortage of Savanna in SA. Several liquor traders in Gauteng have told their customers that there would be a shortage of all Savanna cider variants, with a Spar liquor outlet in Midwater in KwaZulu-Natal indicating that the shortage could last for four to six months. The Spar Tops outlet has put up a sign telling customers of the shortage.”

Another wrote: “Le utlwile ka kgang ya Savanna? Distell has started putting out notices in SA that for the next 4-6months the cider won't be easily available..go di production shortage.. Ke raya gore y'all should start stocking up.”

A third said: “So vele we won’t have Savanna in December again?

What have we done for there to always be a shortage?”

Marketing manager of Savanna Cider, Eugene Lenford reassured South Africans that millions of litres of their favourite cider was still being produced each week, and allocated to local retailers to ensure that they do not miss their favourite dry cider over the festive season.

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“We are sorry for the low stock levels in stores but we are trying to keep up with you. We have seen exponential growth over the last year and we are working around the clock on solutions to produce and deliver more ice-cold crisp Savanna to customers and consumers across the country,” said Lenford.

“Savanna premium cider will continue to be available over the festive season in greater volumes than in previous years. We urge South Africans to be patient, and they are encouraged not to buy in bulk (remember what toilet paper taught us – leave some Savanna for others please!) and to continue to only consume alcohol safely and responsibly.

“If anyone has any questions or requires any more information, our social media platforms will be sharing updates and news”, said Lenford.

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Now that Savanna is still in short supply, here are other refreshing cider options you can try.

Bernini Amber

Last year, Bernini natural sparkling grape frizzantè launched the new “girl” in town, Amber.

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This is a premium ready-to-drink bubbly for young women and especially those who are, as the brand stated in its announcement release: "confident, ambitious, glowing with possibilities, and ready to glow at a moment’s notice."

It comes in a bottle and in cans for convenience so it is ideal for picnics, concerts, and weekend getaways – and to enjoy with your girl squad at home while you catch up on life.

Strongbow Apple Ciders

The Strongbow Apple Ciders range has a crisp and accessible taste that is appealing to both men and women. The range offers a wide variety of modern flavours ranging from sweet to dry, Three variants are available locally, as original dry, gold apple, and red berries, but internationally there are a few more variatios including medium-dry, elderflower, dark fruit, and rosé apple.

From the orchard to your long chill, nothing’s more refreshing than the crisp, sparkling taste of the natural apple cider, served ice-cold.

Hunter’s Red Apple

Hunter’s has taken refreshment to even greater heights with the launch of Hunter’s Red Apple – a true Hold my Hunter’s moment in itself. Hunter’s Red Apple is crisp and refreshing with all kinds of succulent, sweet red apple notes, complimented by a sweet-sour mouth-watering taste sensation with a berry nose finish.

With a completely different look compared to the existing range of Hunter’s it is exciting to offer Red Apple to anyone who enjoys natural sweet red apple and berry flavours. Having a variety of refreshment options available is always great when it comes to different occasions, different seasons, and also different personalities. Hunter’s is after all the cider that refreshes like nothing on earth and now the net can be spread wider.