According to The Drinks Business (2017), leading online retailer, Amazon UK has seen a robust 212% growth in sales this year as consumers in the UK are embracing the bag-in-box wine trend. 

This global trend has been compared to the cork to screw cap movement, which lead to screw caps being accepted worldwide as a good quality, convenient packaging option for wine.

South African wine lovers are on trend and becoming aware of the benefits of boxed wine, more commonly known as 'papsak'. This has lead to an increase in local boxed wine sales. 

“We’ve seen a significant 34% growth in sales for the Drostdy Hof 3-litre bag-in-box wine compared to the previous financial year,” says Frans Booysen, Marketing Manager of Accessible Wines at Distell. 

Local consumers have shown “more sensitivity to prices due to economic turmoil experienced in 2016” which could promote more affordable drinking purchases, such as bag-in-box wine. (Euromonitor, 2017). 

“Another factor contributing to the recent growth in sales and popularity of boxed wine could be the versatility of the product, especially when used for social occasions,” comments Booysen.

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These are the benefits of bag-in-box wine:

It can be taken to festivals where glass is not allowed.

It can be transported to any occasion with ease - instead of having 4 bottles, you have a 3lt pack.

It takes up less space in the fridge.

It allows for more to share with friends and the no fuss tap makes pouring easy.