Robsons Real Beer Picture: Robsons Real Beer/Facebook
I am not much of a beer fan but if I do have one, then it has to be a Heineken and Castle Lite. But today I was exposed to another world, one where my preferences were put to the test. 
While at the Robsons Brewery tasting tour, held at Robsons Real Beer and Food Factory on Albert Terrace on Mahatma Ghandi Road in Durban, I found the beer myself and other women will like- a cherry beer. And yes, it's pink. But don't think it's only for women. Everyone will enjoy the sweet, fruity flavour and smell of the beer.

There was a whole range of these local hand crafted beers in the house but the Robson’s Cheeky Cherry captured my attention. With a 4% alcohol by volume, this beer is the perfect breakfast beer that is naturally flavoured with blackcurrant and berry flavour on the nose, a high and refreshing pink drink with a real beer kick in the aftertaste.

Robson’s Cheeky Cherry beer pairs well with bacon and egg burgers, toasties or a plate of chips. While enjoying the beer (and food) head brewer, Brian Stewart, gave us informative insight as to how genuine craft beer is brewed. I can say I had an excellent brewery tour about Robsons’s beer water quality and the complex process of brewing it. 
Apart from the incredible cherry beer one can have the Vanilla Gorilla which is a traditional porter with a hint of vanilla and an initial impression of sweetness. It has a light chocolate head and a delicately bitter aftertaste from brown malts. This beer goes in well with sea food and spicy food. 

And with the restaurant incorporating beer and food, their Thor Burger. This burger is made of beef patty with smokey bacon, mature cheddar and braised onions served with homemade Jack Daniels barbeque sauce. It brings life to every empty stomach. 

The restaurant displays a very unique and new experience in town which will attract many tourists as it is located near tourist attraction destinations like uShaka Marine World and the Point Precinct.