Picture by Views at Twenty 5, Instagram

It was a bold dashing and daring soirèe at Views at Twenty 5  in Mornigside when Pongràcz launched #ANewBold methode cap classique (MCC).

Socialites, fashionistas and local celebrities stepped out at the weekend to get a taste of the new bubbles. 

The entertainment was as tasty as the new tipple. DJ's kept the dance floor as bubbly as the MCC as at the bar.

And besides the music, there was entertainment by aerial acrobats who were pouring the Pongràcz from a six foot rig while jugglers spinned a mixture of fire elements alongside them.  

The welcome drinks, served in style. Picture by Views at Twenty 5, Instagram

But we were all there for the Pongràcz and on arrival there was a Pongràcz bubbly bar truck parked outside the venue so everyone was greeted with bubbles. I must admit that I’m not the champagne or MCC kinda girl but I really enjoyed this one.

The Pongràcz Noble Nectar was to my palate because of it's sweet bubbles with pear and litchi flavours — it's guaranteed that those with a sweeter palate will enjoy this. It's a demi-sec blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and is presented in a beautifully shaped purple bottle - an elegant and eye-catching presentation.  

The All New Bold Pongracz Noble Nectar retails for about R 149 and is available nationwide.