Boeber is a Cape Town favourite during Ramadaan. Picture from Twitter

It was boeber-night on Tuesday, the halfway mark of the Fast. Of course it wasn't mandatory to prepare, serve and enjoy Boeber, but why wouldn't you?

The milky drink is so popular that it has it's own Wikipedia page, where it's described as "a traditional Cape Malay sweet, milk drink, made with vermicelli, sago, sugar, and flavoured with cardamom, stick cinnamon and rose water."

This description goes further to reference the popular Cape Town saying that you're "op die berg" (on the mountain peak) when you're halfway through the Fast because it's only the second half remaining. 

But of course in true Cape Town spirit people not only shared their tasty-looking boeber on social media, but there was also a few funny video's doing the rounds.

WATCH: Boeber was a trendy social media topic

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Boeber aand! 15th day of Ramadaan

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It's also customary that during the month of Ramadaan, food is shared among family, friends, neighbours and the needy or less fortunate.

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#Boeber #kipling #bestneighboursever

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#Boeber #boebernight, the 15th night of #Ramadaan The 15th of Ramadaan heralds the middle of the fast and the eagerly awaited Boeber night. A Cape Town tradition that may have made it further north in South Africa. The tradition of making Boeber, a rich, creamy milky drink with vermicilli, sago, cardomon and cinnamon on the 15th night of Ramadaan and thereafter is rooted in the Malay community of Cape Town, the recipe for which was drawn from their Javanese and Indonesian ties. Where ever it originally came from, we in Cape Town have certainly adopted it as our own. The Indian Koknis in Cape Town for instance have there own name for it. It’s called pez, kind of pronounced as pears. But basically the same dish. Some add rose water, some add almonds or pistachios. However you like it, make it your own.

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When it comes to boeber it's no different so the social media posts were also about the boeber people made, received and shared.