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The team at Savanna have come up with a fanciful tale as to how rum ended up in one of it’s ciders.

It tells the tale of a pirate crew who stumbled across the golden liquid in Barbados whilst ransacking a town. 

The pirates soon realised that the recipe for their liquid treasure had to be kept safe so that no one could ever replicate the taste. 

To keep this golden elixir a secret, they never remained in one place more than a few settings of the sun. 

For if they did, the recipe of the golden liquid could be stolen and lost to them forever.

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Savanna Blackbeard is infused with the sweet flavours of rum but also surprises the palate with hints of raisins, spices and fermented honey. 

The drink, with a 5% ABV, leaves a smooth, refreshing finish.

Leanne Jones, Savanna SA marketing manager says: “We’re excited to have our consumers experience a bold new taste sensation. Consumers know with Savanna they can expect an unexpected twist, but we always keep our original base to stay true to this iconic South African brand”