Louis XIII takes 100 years to master and is a luxury brand worth having. Pic, supplied

If you want to celebrate a milestone in your life, you could open a bottle of champagne, your favourite bottle of whiskey or you could choose arguably the world’s most celebrated cognac, Louis XIII.

One hundred and forty years ago, in 1874, Paul-Émile Rémy Martin first created a cognac like no other, which he named in honour of his regent, King LOUIS XIII. 

Today LOUIS XIII is one of the most prestigious cognacs, the best-selling luxury priced spirit, and the king of the back bar in every respected account in the world. 

Building on the past, for the future.

It’s the only luxury brand - let alone alcohol - that takes 100 years to perfect before it reaches you and is definitely worth the wait. A tasting with LOUIS XIII Private Client Director in South Africa, Jörg Pfutzner is a once in a lifetime experience as he expertly takes you through the history of the cognac and flavour notes to expect as you swirl your glass and take a sip. 

Pfutzner advises that you first drop some of the cognac on your lips so you can awaken your tastebuds before you get a real taste of the spirit.

It’s a dark golden colour and my first sip was filled with notes of nutty, earthy flavours. As the cognac sits in your glass, with every sip you will pick up a different flavour on your taste buds.

By the end of the tasting and with my last gulp,  I was tasting a rich, leather-like flavour that was so big and bold it lingered for more than an hour after I’d emptied my glass.

Pfutzner says: “Louis XIII opens your heart, opens your mind and slows down time,” and I have to agree with him as it truly summed up my experience as well.

The mastery of time is palpable, in the shape and design of the decanter, the look and aroma of the cognac and ultimately in the taste as well.

Louis XIII is available at all good liquor stores nationwide and the global benchmark is R2500 for a tot of Louis XIII when ordering at a bar.