Parow Brandy now available at Beerhouse - pic supplied
Parow Brandy now available at Beerhouse - pic supplied

The first brandy to be served at Beerhouse #ParowBrandy #JackParow

By Content Supplied Time of article published May 24, 2018

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Beerhouse is known for it's craft beer offering from across the world and now it's added a brandy into the mix.

This isn't any brandy though, it's Jack Parow brandy — his own craft ‘karate-water’ brand.

The rapper recently launched his very own, Parow Brandy, after sampling the golden nectar for years. 

He used the wisdom gained from his brandy experiences to create an authentic brandy for the people. And it is this very Parow Brandy that can now be enjoyed at all Beerhouse branches nationwide. 

Clearly the brandy is good enough for the beer connoisseurs at Beerhouse to break from tradition and add it to their bar.

Randolf Jorberg, co-owner of Beerhouse says: “Apart from beer, the Beerhouse team is completely aware of South Africans’ love of ‘klippies and coke’, or ‘karate-water’ as it is colloquially known. With our fingers on the pulse at all times, we absolutely love to surprise Beerhouse fans with something new and fresh."

He adds: "So a natural progression for us was to introduce craft brandy to our craft beer collection, and who better than the man himself, Jack Parow, to be part of this adventure with his Parow Brandy. We naturally have some other new craft surprises up our sleeves, so watch this space, but enjoy this craft brandy addition in the meantime.” 

Jack Parow - pic supplied
Jack Parow says he's very happy about the accolade: "When I was a lightie, I never could have imagined that anyone would even like my tunes, let alone me having my very own brannewyn! Now we can all finally drink a real brandy, not like these other brandy labels who told me they can’t work with me as their target market is a higher LSM than my fans…basically saying my fans are not fancy or rich enough to drink their brandy - yet my fans are the people who drink the most of their freakin ‘fancy’ brandy. So now I have a brandy for everyone; whether you live in a shack or a mansion; drive an Escort or a Porsche. It’s REAL brandy for REAL people and it tastes better than any other brandy out there - I promise you that!”

Beerhouse is celebrating the introduction of the Parow Brandy to their collection with a Karate Water Tour featuring Jack Parow. 

This includes a Jack Parow concert at Beerhouse Long Street (Cape Town) on the 26th of May.  

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