The future innovations of your wine bottle. Pexels
The future innovations of your wine bottle. Pexels

The future innovations of your wine bottle

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Mar 1, 2019

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Spare a thought for the humble wine bottle and the many transformations it's undergone over the years.

Wine lovers will agree that there is an art and a science to a wine bottle, beyond it being a vessel for the white or red wine that you might enjoy.

It might not have been that noticeable over the years but wine bottles have been keeping pace with technological advancements.

Last year, Overhex Wines International launched the Mensa range that's the first South African wine supported by an augmented reality app.

When scanned using the Mensa Wine App on your smartphone, the Mensa label comes to life as a book to reveal her full story.

But not all innovations are this futuristic, often it's the practical changes that are the most welcome.

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Garçon Wines in the UK has developed a slim, flat wine bottle that not only improves packaging and shipping but also ergonomics.

This is a trend that no doubt will continue in wine growing regions and exports β€” so keep an eye on your wine bottle as it braces for a bold new future.

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