Salon Champagne is hard to find in SA. Picture from Flickr

World Champagne Day is an opportune time to celebrate the best that France has to offer, but here in SA you'd be reaching new levels if you can get your hands on France's best bubbles.

There are champagne bars around the country, in hotels and stand-alone establishments and they all have a variety of bubbles behind the bar.

But we asked sommellier and "Champagne expert" Jean Vincent Ridon what is the most exclusive and rare bubbles in SA.

He says: "The rarest of the champagne is imported in South Africa in minute quantity."

"Salon Champagne is the rarity to find, but since they produce 30 000 bottles worldwide, and only on years they consider exceptional, you will have to be on the A list to get one bottle of it! This is the cult champagne," says Ridon.

He adds: "Dom Perignon will release it 2008 vintage at the end of 2018. It is one of the best vintage ever, and this champagne can keep for 30 years."

A rare find, Salon Champagne. Picture from Flickr

"So if you want to beat inflation, and stock valuable bottles to enjoy over the next decade, the Dom Perignon 2008 will be the best since 1996 and 2002! It may taste a bit austere when you open the bottle, thus I advise a wine glass to enjoy it, and not too cold. This 2008 will be a legend," says Ridon.

So if you want to splash out t celebrate #WorldChampagneDay those two bottles are the way to do it.