Different teas need different steeping methods to extract the optimal flavour. Picture: Washington Post

Everyone has a different idea of how to make the perfect cup of tea.

Some like to leave the bag in to steep for a long time, while others always add milk before the hot water and vice versa.

This phenomenon has now been captured in a viral image that's very similar to a Pantone guide - but instead of showing off paint colours, this photo reveals the many different ways you can make a cup of English Breakfast tea.

And now it's provoked some very strong opinions on Twitter as to how you should make your brew.

The image shows 16 cups of tea in four rows, ranging from black with no milk, to the milkiest mug that looks as if a teabag has barely touched the liquid.

So how do you take your tea, according to the guide?

The photo starts off with an 'A1' cup of tea - a mug of black tea with no milk.

The letters loosely represent the strength of the tea, with A being the strongest and D being the weakest, while the numbers represent the amount of milk the mugs contain.

Number '1' cups of tea contain the least amount of milk, while number '4' mugs contain the most.

The image, posted on Twitter by the account Yorkshire Problems, went viral today as hundreds of users replied to the tweet with how they take their tea.

The most popular option among the users was 'D2' - a fairly weak cup of tea with only a small amount of milk.

The photo seemed to inspire a number of people to profess their very strong opinions on how to make a cup of tea.

One joked that anyone who chooses to make their tea from the '3' or '4' row is 'going to hell (or possibly the south)'.

Another suggested the chart should be pinned up in every office kitchen to help out workers doing a tea run.