There are many whiskies on the market and now there’s one more to add to your collection, and from what we hear, it is definitely worth it. Presenting John Dewar & Sons Ltd Scotch Whisky.

I was interested to find out who John Dewar is, especially after he was described as “a charismatic marketing man.”

Ahead of the SA launch reporters were told: “Originating in the Highlands of Scotland in 1892 by founder John Dewar, every drop of Dewar’s condenses whisky wisdom acquired over many lifetimes. John left his business to his sons, Tommy and John, who together grew the brand into a global success story.”

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“More than a century later, Dewar’s dedication to craftsmanship and time-honoured traditions remain vital to the creation of our classic character and keynotes of our whiskies,” says Master Distiller Stephanie Macleod.

“What makes Dewar’s true Scotch is it was the first blended Scotch whisky to be branded and bottled, and we are proud to say that it is still crafted in the same way today as it was in 1846.”

The first sip I had was of the 15 year old and it had a great balance of nuttiness and peat and it wasn’t too strong either. It’s an easy sipping whisky that will keep you warm this winter.