These wrist watches are made with real wine. Picture from The Analog Watch Company.

Wine has many uses, now it's a fashion statement you can wear proudly on your wrist.

The Somm Collection has been created by the Analog Watch Company, based in Philladelphia in the USA.

The wrist straps are custom made with cork and wine and is a wearable piece of jewellery made in a sustainable manner.

You can choose from three watch faces, Rosé (rose gold), Cassis (black), Chardonnay (gold), and Sake (silver) and there are five strap colours and they are dyed in wine and you can even smell the wine on your wrist.

This company is committed to sustainable, wearable timepieces and has in the past made watched using real flowers, moss, marble and wood.

On it's website the team responsible for the design says: "We began by soaking anything we could find in wine - paper, leather, plastics, beads, anything! We can't reveal too much, but the methods we use definitely involve drinking copious amounts of wine & exploring tannins and different staining techniques."

"The red colour from cabernet was relatively easy to achieve. It was the blueberry wine that required a lot of trial & error to ensure we could synthesize a highly concentrated colorant from it that turned cork a blue color instead of a bright purple."

There is no need to worry about your watch leaking wine if you get caught in the rain, the company guarantees that their watches have been tested and trialed in all conditions.