A mochaccino is the perfect hot drink. Pic supplied.
A mochaccino is the perfect hot drink. Pic supplied.

Three coffee drinks to keep you warm

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jul 2, 2018

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Winter is here and what better way to enjoy the season while cozying up with a nice hot cup of hot coffee. 

What I like about coffee is that you can make yourself a single hot drink, or make a pot to share with your family or friends, even better you can grab one at any coffee shop of your choice.

There is always so much on offer when it comes to coffee drinks that you may not know which one to grab and which one to not during the chilly days. 

I spoke to barista and founder of Sihle’s Brew, Sihle Magubane on which coffee drinks to grab this winter season that will help keep you warm and give you the satisfaction you will need.

Café grappa
  • This is a liquor base cappuccino where you add a double shot of grappa. It’s an absolute delicious coffee for adults and gives you the hint of chocolate and a warm hint of flavourful grappa liquor.
Indulge in a latte. Pic supplied

  • This is a coffee latte with nut mac and it’s a flavourful drink. It’s an ideal drink for people indoors that want to keep themselves warm.
  • Hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, this is the kind of drink that will warm you up. It’s a chocolate and coffee all in one. Chocolate coffee has three different names, there’s the Chococcino, Café Mocha and Mochaccino, and all these are favourites in winter. 

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