Tips for making the perfect #NewYears party cooler. Pexels

Punch is the ideal party drink. Big batches can save a host from playing bartender all night and it’s the perfect excuse to show off that heirloom punch bowl.

If you don’t have a punch bowl, get creative and use containers like large glass bottles and vases. Even attractive ice buckets will do.

Think small when it comes to serving. The whole point is to have people keep coming back to the bowl.

If your punch will be sitting around for a while, make an ice block that will slowly melt over the course of your party. Use a suitable container and fill it with water and freeze it.

Adding fruit, herbs or edible flowers to the water will help make it attractive.

Once your block is set, run the bowl under hot water and slide the block of ice into your punch bowl.

Also fill ice trays with berries and fruit juice and freeze until solid. Add to your drinks. This way they won’t get diluted when the ice melts.

Experiment with a variety of flavours and always remember that it’s not what the hosts likes so try to include a great variety of flavours when you’re creating your mix.