With spring finally in full swing, you have no excuse not to stock up on some refreshing sauvignon blanc or sparkling wine.
Whether you are planning on hosting a party or going on a picnic with some friends, wine is always a good addition to a get-together. 
With spring finally in full swing, you have no excuse not to stock up on some refreshing sauvignon blanc or sparkling wine. There is a variety of wines to choose from so before you go and get your usual go-to wine, Try these 5 wines that millennials are loving. 

These wines are perfect to serve at parties and will not make you dig too deep into your pocket. 

Odd Bins 

Odd Bins are worth a try.

Whether it is the Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Rosé or Méthode Cap Classique Brut, Odd Bins are worth a try. The beauty of the brand is that they are relabelled wines from different estates all over the country.

The wines are very exclusive with each batch having its own bin number and once that is sold out you can never get that bottle again. 

It is like a fun egg hunt that will not cost you much. A definite must-try is the Méthode Cap Classique Brut (Bin number 19). It is great for parties because who does not like bubbles in their glass? The wine retails for R99 at Checkers.  

Jorge Reis from the Wine Society recommended that you serve the wine with pâté or a cheese board but avoid blue cheese.
Durbanville Hills Sparkling Wine 

Sticking with bubbles, Durbanville Hills is launching a fresh sparkling Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect for people that do not like overly sweet drinks - this wine is dry, acidic and has a very tropical taste to it, making it perfect for picnics in Spring or dinner parties by the pool. 

The wine is set to launch this month and will retail for R95 per bottle. 

Ovation Spumante 

Not to sound cliché but if you are looking for a party in a bottle, then the Ovation Spumante is what you need. 

Under Thokozani wines, the semi-sweet Sauvignon blanc leaves a light fizz on the tongue with each sip. 

The wine is delicious by itself but can easily be switched into a cocktail by adding a bit of soda and pieces of fruit. 

A bottle of this fun wine retails for R66 at Spar Tops or on the Diemersfontein website. 

Highgate Wine Estate Flavoured Grappa 

Grappa is not the kind of drink you expect millennials to be enjoying but the wine based sweet drink is gaining popularity. 

It's great over crushed ice or incorporated in desserts. Winemaker Thornton Pillay said the Wild Berry Grappa is something everyone needs to try. 

A bottle of the pink drink retails for R275 at the Highgate Wine estate. 
Ice Tropez 0%

For the non-alcohol drinkers, Ice Tropez is the perfect cocktail to sip on at any time of the day and anywhere you like. The fruity drink is refreshingly delicious when cold and pairs well with seafood.

The non-alcoholic version of the wine cocktail has no added sugar but has the same refreshing taste people love. 

A 6-pack of the drink retails for about R56 in multiple retailers around South Africa.