BLEND: Truth’s sweet luxury coffee.Picture: Bianca Coleman
The great thing about having a mind is the ability to change it.

It's a very simplified approach to the concept; we are constantly being challenged by new ideas or new research that contradict existing beliefs. For example, Tim Noakes, who went from being an advocate of carbo loading to the champion of the low-carb lifestyle.

And that's all right. Minds can change. Which is what happened at Truth Coffee Roasting.

Founder David Donde has done an about turn regarding acidity in coffee with the launch of Truth's first new blend in two years - Black Honey.

Truth’s sweet luxury coffee. Picture: Bianca Coleman

“The whole journey with luxury coffee started in 1999 when we were all saying ‘when we have acidity, we have amazing coffee’,” he says.

Donde recalls being at the Coffee Masters in New York two years ago, with other leading minds on coffee “and we're tasting the best coffee made by the best baristas in the world and we're all going ‘another one of those’. It was all acidity.”

Fast forward and the final blend for Black Honey is half natural Ethiopian and the other half from El Salvador - made with the honey process.

Frankly, it gets tiring to always have the acidity, opines Donde. “We just want balance and I'm after sweetness now, and in two years’ time I might have a very different conversation with you,” he says.

Be part of the coffee revolution at Truth Coffee Roasting, 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town. For more information, go to or call (021)2000440.