Tshepi Vundla. Picture: Supplied
Tshepi Vundla. Picture: Supplied

Tshepi Vundla is ready to kick off champagne season

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Oct 15, 2020

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‘Tis the season of bubbles! Maybe it’s the feeling of celebrating a new season or the constant party mood.

Not that we ever need a reason to indulge in the finest sparkling wine, but there’s something about spring/summer that makes us want to pop a bottle or two.

After a successful campaign with Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung, G.H. Mumm has roped in five more personalities to be brand ambassadors. Picture: Supplied

It’s what Tshepi Vundla is also feeling, especially after being announced as one of G.H. Mumm’s new ambassadors.

She, along with Somizi Mhlonho-Motaung, Precious the Planner, Jessica Nkosi, Lerato Sengadi and Sarah Langa, has been signed up by the luxury French champagne brand to be part of their Mumm Squad.

Speaking to her after the announcement, the luxury influencer, stylist and YouTuber said that she has always been a champagne girl- she especially loves that bubble sensation on her tongue and palate.

You know that first sip? Yeah, that.

“I have always loved champagne as a beverage.

“I’m a champagne girl and it’s always been a goal for me to be an official brand ambassador of a champagne brand.

“I have always been a fan of G.H. Mumm and the fact that I love the brand and its history, made sense for me to be part of the squad.”

Tshepi has been a ‘friend of the brand’ and was a constant at the brand’s various events over the years.

So for her, it was an organic step to be an ambassador.

Some of her favourite brand experiences have been at the Vodacom Durban July, the New Years party at the Bungalow in Clifton, Cape Town and events in the Joburg CBD.

These events, she said, showed off the diversity of the brand and how it appeals to different people, while still being seen as a premium luxury brand.

“I love how classy it is and yet it’s still all about fun.

“You can be classy and bougie, but also fun.

“That has made the brand a bit more accessible, while still catering to its core market.

“The fun element of bubbles always lends itself to relaxed vibes and G.H Mumm does that well.”

After years of consuming bubbly, Tshepi has become sort-of an expert when it comes to what champagne is best with food or the kind of vibe she’s at.

“I was a demi-sec girl, and I still enjoy it, but now with age, I have become a fan of brut.

“I’m turning 30 soon and considering the weight gain (laughs).”

We soon talk about how the body betrays us soon as you turn 30.

I shared how I looked in vain as my friends indulge on cheese and dairy and I have to make do with crackers and hummus.

And soon we are talking glassware. In a recent episode of her YouTube show, The Tshepi and Mawe Experience, which she co-hosts with her sister Mawe Williams, they had their mother and to celebrate they popped a bottle of champagne and used the on-trend baseless flutes.

I then asked her which type of bubbly glass she prefers.

“You know, I only recently learnt a few years ago that we should be drinking champagne from tulip glasses instead of flutes and coupes.

“I was always a flute girl.

“And weirdly enough, it does taste better from a tulip glass.

“There’s a huge difference, especially with the taste and the smell.

“People think we are being bougie about glassware, but it is important when it comes to the scent of the champagne.

“You get the full experience of what the drink really should taste like.”

On the trendy baseless glasses, she says they are high maintenance.

“It’s a lot of work.

“You have to have the vase close by to hold it in.

“You can’t just leave the glass on the table.”

The positive feedback for their YouTube show has been a surprise for them.

“It’s amazing how it’s grown so much.

“We didn’t have many expectations for it, but it’s massive and the feedback has been great.

“Viewers loved the episode with our mom.

“I really enjoy working with my sister and the show really depicts how we are when we are together.”

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