Raise a glass, a bottle or a can of 100% pure Windhoek beer to toast the launch of their latest campaign featuring Gerard Butler. Picture: Robyn Du Preez

Windhoek beer has partnered with Scottish actor and film producer, Gerard Butler in a new television commercial campaign that speaks to the core brand message of authenticity, focusing on Windhoek’s quality liquids and keeping it real.

In a video posted on Instagram by Windhoek beer South Africa, the television commercial opens in a bar, which initially feels more like a traditional beer television commercial but everything is stopped in its tracks when a friend (Joe) asks the waiter for a piece of lime to add to his beer. 

The tense silence among the friends combined with an eloquently delivered line by Butler lands the message most endearingly and engagingly possible.

In a statement, Senior Brand Manager for Windhoek beer, Maggie Wang said Windhoek champions those who stay true to themselves, those who show up, in their most authentic self, those who know what’s important, and those who keep it real. 

That they found these qualities in Gerard Butler, and they were thrilled that he felt an immediate synergy with what their brand stands for.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Gerard, a professional in every sense of the word. He is a great performer, charming, entertaining and generous. Much like our brand philosophy, he kept it real throughout the production process,” said Wang.

Butler also commented saying he loved the [Windhoek] script, and that he found it very funny, and the humour was right up his alley.