How to cut the perfect slice of cake on #WorldBakingDay Picture: Pexels
Cutting a cake into perfect, equal slices is not the easiest task.  

There’s always one slice that’s much bigger or way smaller than all the other slices.  

And it doesn’t matter how many times you try, unless you have a degree in cake cutting, someone is always going to end up with that lonely thin slice.

Usually that person is you, the bad cutter of cakes.

Well, now there is a way you can cut the perfect slice for each of your guests - and you don’t even need to use a knife.

A video shared on the Food Network’s Instagram page shows just how easy it is to cut the perfect slice of cake using two cake lifters.

By simply putting the two end points of the lifter together, you can slice through the cake and cut the perfect triangle.

Repeating this method around the whole cake, and you will have perfectly equal slices.

It's #WorldBakingDay on Friday, so you may want to get a head start and sharpen your cutting skills.