WATCH: Kate Middleton knows how to pour a pint. Picture from Instagram.

The Duchess of Cambridge must have had a flashback to her college days when she pulled a pint in a bar in Belfast this week.

Catherine was in Northern Ireland on a two-day trip with Prince William and the bar stop was on their itinerary.

The couple were in the country to meet and greet young people who are role models in their community and the mother of three tapped into her own youth and pulled an impressive brewsky that earned her cheers and applause when they visited a Music Hall in Belfast.

The royal couple have been known to enjoy a tipple when relaxing. Before she became a royal, Kate reportedly loved a vodka cocktail as well as a piña colada. As can be seen in the video of them pulling pints, and Prince William knows his beer. He reportedly likes a chilled Stella Artois when he chills at the pub.