Scientist reveals why people are more attractive when you're drunk. Picture: Pexels (Ketut Subiyanto)
Scientist reveals why people are more attractive when you're drunk. Picture: Pexels (Ketut Subiyanto)

WATCH: Scientist reveals why people are more attractive when you’re drunk

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Mar 4, 2021

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Australian author and science commentator Karl Kruszelnicki aka Dr Karl may not fit the usual TikTok profile because he’s not the newest generation material, but his friendly nature and knowledge of science have made him an unlikely social media star.

Kruszelnicki joined the video-sharing app to answer everyone’s burning scientific questions.

He is using his wide range of expertise to talk about music, animals, and the planet's theories.

But he also touches quite a bit on alcohol in his clips, including beer goggles.

What are beer goggles?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, if you say that someone is wearing beer goggles, you mean that that person has been drinking so much alcohol that they think someone is more sexually attractive than they are.

Kruszelnicki recently took to TikTok to explain why getting a little wasted boosts the beauty of basic boozer's faces.

“Alcohol is absolutely amazing.

“It can strip oil stains off a garage floor, but it can also change your human perception of reality, he said in the clip.

“Kruszelnicki then highlighted a study done in 2003 on heterosexual university students.

“The study’s goal was to determine whether alcohol affected the students’ perceptions of reality, and, in turn, the perceived attractiveness of other people.

“For both men and women, when they were slightly inebriated or ‘Molly the monk’ a bit of alcohol made a wristwatch look a bit more attractive.

“But when it came to rating the attractiveness of other people, women found men a bit more attractive, but men found women a whole lot more attractive,” he added.

The video has garnered more than 37 000 likes and over 900 shares since the time of publication.

Watch the full video below.


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