The macaron and MCC pairing. Picture by Nathan Adams.
Tucked away in Durbanville, Canto Boutique Wines is doing a very unique pairing of wine and macarons.

Once you step into the recently constructed building you'll realise that the entire setting is very homely and that the estate's tasting room is beautifully decorated with a relaxing feel.

There's a help-yourself style deli allows guests to choose from a variety of products and build a platter to suit their tastes, and features a variety of artisan cheeses, charcuterie, savoury biscuits and relishes.

Canto wines. Picture by Nathan Adams

But it's the pairing of MCC's with macarons that will delight your tastebuds
  • The Canto Chardonnay MCC Brut, 2015 is paired with a hazelnut macaron
  • The Canto Shiraz Rose MCC Brut, 2013 is paired with a red velvet macaron
  • The Canto Pinot Noir MCC Brut, 2013 is paired with a Turkish Delight macaron
  • The Canto Chardonnay/Pinot Noir MCC Brut, 2014 is paired with a salted caramel macaron
I was skeptical because I doubted that the sugar from the meringue would enhance the MCC as opposed to dousing the flavour notes.

Ashley Kinsey the Wine Tutor at Canto explains that the complimentary flavours of the macarons make the MCC's taste even better and he wasn't wrong.

Watch as Kinsey explains how this is not such an unusual pairing once you start nibbling the macaron and sipping the MCC's: