Marson Strydom mixes the perfect serve. Pic supplied

If you ever buy or you're given Disaronno it would be a bit tricky at first figuring out how to drink it and what to pair it with.

The first thing to remember is that Disaronno is an amaretto made from the extract of apricot pits.

This means that it does work very well in cocktails with the right citrus fruits. Even adding an apple flavour to a cocktail with Disaronno is a very good choice. But you're not limited as long as you watch the sugar content, because too much sugar will dampen the full flavour of the spirit.

Fruit is the perfect ingredient for this spirit. Pic supplied

Earlier this week the team at True Italic restaurant in Cape Town used Disaronno to create a menu for Italian Republic Day (2 June).

The menu included Disaronno Stracciatella Risotto — a dish traditionally served with mozzarella the chef at True Italic was inspired to put a Nepalese twist on the conventional risotto which sees white wine being replaced with the spirit. 

Disaronno is a flavourful liqueur - there's a burst of flavour on the nose and a taste of almond and marzipan on the palate.

The spirit leaves a long sweetness with a faint bitterness on your tongue, making it the perfect ingredient for you to re imagine your favourite cocktail.

Watch as mixologist Marson Strydom explains that there are endless possibilities when it comes to flavour combinations: