WATCH: Woman makes punch in toilet bowl and her guests' reactions are priceless

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Apr 30, 2021

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A good punch recipe is one that’s perfected over the years, and a winner at any party. But the key is to never ask what the secret ingredient is, just in case you find yourself dry heaving into the nearest bush.

But the latest punch bowl recipe to come out of the internet could leave even the hardest of party animals reaching for their keys and making a beeline for the closest door.

A US woman who hosts her our own Facebook live show, The Anna Show, might have gone a step too far in the gag metre once you’ve seen how she prepares her punch.

Sharing a video captioned “DIY punch trick… great for parties!”, she starts off the video bent over a toilet bowl with various condiments surrounding her.

She takes a T-shirt and clogs the toilet before emptying bags of sweets, ice and ice cream into the bowl while her male companion adds words of encouragement in the background.

“This is going to be so good, this is going to be amazing,” she says.

The final addition to her recipe is litres of cooldrink thrown into the cistern and then she flushes, resulting in a mishmash of something resembling baby vomit.

All this time while making her concoction, her guests are waiting outside to be served their punch.

When she finally does serve it, one of them asks how she made it. You can imagine the looks on their faces.

The post was obviously intended as a joke and caught the attention of social media, immediately going viral with more than 58K comments.

Comments bordered on the insane to disgust.

Either way, we won’t be trying this recipe any time soon.

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