The Wades and Bales Wine & Malt Whisky Affair took place last week and allowed all in attendance the opportunity of unlimited tastings of more than 70 of South Africa’s premium wines and over 75 malt whiskies from around the world.

It was an exciting event with access to passionate winemakers and whisky ambassadors.

However, while endless fun is to be had at the Wades and Bales Wine & Malt Whisky Affair, there are important lessons that every newcomer should know. 

To make the best of the evening, and enjoy the experience to the fullest extent, you have to be strategic in how you tackle the sophisticated tasting:

  • Start simple

There can be a penchant for going overboard when we hear the term unlimited, but to really savour and note the wines and whiskies that you are being offered, it’s perfectly acceptable to take your time.

Wades and Bales Wine & Malt Whisky Affair give you three hours to make your way through the various offerings and with that in mind, it’s necessary to pace yourself. 

Every exhibitor will offer a different experience, and it’s useful noting which you like and which you don’t in case you want to o back to a particular exhibitor later in the night.

  • Don’t jump between whisky and wine

Ensure that your savour the wine, and when you’ve had your fill, then move on to the whisky. The whiskies offer a different experience and you miss out on the various notes and finishes in your drink if you cross over between the wines and the whiskies back and forth.

  • Don’t forget to get something to nibble

Wades and Bales Wine & Malt Whisky Affair have delectable selection of gourmet chesses, antipasti deli items and artisanal breads on offer throughout the evening, which not only act as enjoyable treat to prevent from getting too inebriated, but also can be used as excellent palate cleansers between wine and whiskies.

  • Whisky’s and wines not to overwhelming for newcomers

Standouts were Avondale, Creation and Simonsig whose selection of white wines and bubbly really made an impression.  

Bruichladdich’s Classic Laddie and the Glen Grant 10 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky made were a highlight. 

Whisky isn’t a drink for everyone, and it’s very easy to start at a whisky that could put a person off the drink, but these two whiskies were one’s worth having again

  • Prepare for the half-time bell

The Half-Time bell is when the exhibitors bring out the extremely rare and limited editions of their wines and whiskies out for 15 minutes, and that is when you really have to move fast and revisit some of the wines and whiskies you like, as the rare editions of these offerings are truly special. 

You only have 15 minutes to try these limited editions which mean there is no time to dawdle.

  • Don’t forget your wallet

Wades and Bales Wine & Malt Whisky Affair allow you to find new and exciting wines to add to your collection at affordable prices.  

Why just get a taste of what’s on offer when you can take some of your favourite’s home with you too?

  • End the night off with a glass of bubbly

The only way worth ending off such a night, is with a glass of MCC.  Great conversation and a glass of bubbly to cap of a sophisticated and fun night, is always recommended.

Wades and Bales Wine & Malt Whisky Affair should definitely be on the list of every wine and whisky aficionado. 

It’s a great night of unlimited tastings at a worthwhile price. 

There are also opportunities for future wine tastings if you remember to collect all the pamphlets of the wines you liked.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the event in the future.