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Across the country today there'll be special events and parties to celebrate the humble beer in all it’s colours and flavours today.

But if you’d rather choose to sip your beer at home or with friends at a braai, beer enthusiast and vlogger Andrew Worling who created Beer, Bar, Beyond has a recommendation. 

“For those that can't make it to any events, I'd highly recommend picking up Little Wolf's - Hoppy Wheat. It’s a super tasty, easy drinking hop-forward American style Wheat Ale,” says Worling.

“Another recommendation for dark beer lovers would be The Moer Koffie Condensed Milk Stout from Frasers Folly in collaboration with the boys from Beer Country. It's quickly become a South African classic,” he adds.

One thing a beer drinker should do today is step out of their comfort zone and try something new. 

New England Indian Pale Ales (IPA’s) are a great start. These beers are distinctively cloudy and hazy in appearance and don’t have that bitter taste that stops many people from ordering a beer. It’s light and often even dry and with practically zero hop bitterness but juicy, tangy, citrus sweetness.

Worling says: “IPA's are the rage everywhere now and the "Haze Craze" is slowly catching on here in South Africa too. We don't have many brewers brewing pure New England IPAs, or at least any that are available year-round (this is due to their short shelf life) but we do have some great IPA's on the market. Riot's Valve IPA is one of the best as well as the Urban Legend from Johannesburg's Mad Giant.”

He adds: “Another exciting IPA that recently hit the local market thanks to Devil's Peak's ever-expanding global footprint is Ink & Dagger from Norway's Amundsen Bryggeri. This is a modern take on an IPA and is being brewed locally out of Devil's Peak's amazing new Head Quarters in Epping, Cape Town.”  

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