The Marvelously Unusual Cocktail, served in a custom made Ardmore Ceramic goblet. Picture supplied.

There's the perfect serve and then there's this cocktail, which has a hefty price tag and a very special ingredients to savour.

It's called the Hendrick's Gin Marvelously Unusual Cocktail and it will cost you R 40 000 if you do order it.

The Hendrick's Gin experience was created in conjunction with other, premium, small batch, and hand-crafted brands including Ardmore Ceramic Art, Barker and Quin Tonic Water, and Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water.

Brand manager for Hendrick’s Gin South Africa Shaun Stemmett says this is for "people looking for the ultimate liquid experience that will never be repeated again."

What's in the cocktail

  • Hendrick’s Gin is mixed with a vermouth that has been hand crafted using a Klein Constantia Vin De Constance wine, a variety of rare and expensive botanicals and spices, and fortified using Hennessey XO.
  • A specially crafted batch of tonic water was made by Barker and Quin that and developed specifically for this cocktail 
  • The tonic water is housed in specially crafted tonic water bottles that were created by Consol. Only twelve of these special edition and collector item bottles were created.
  • The cocktail is served in one of only three bespoke and one-of-a-kind ceramic goblets, created by the world renown ceramic art manufacturers, Ardmore Ceramic Art.

The cocktail will be available from 1 November and only at The Mount Nelson in Cape Town, the Oyster Box in Umhlanga, and Marble in Johannesburg. 

Hendrick's Gin has guaranteed the anonymity of whoever decides to order and pay for the cocktail, unless the purchaser wants to post their experience on social media then they would be more than welcome to do that.

What's really in this R40 000 gin cocktail