In its evaluation of very hot drinks, IARC said animal studies suggest carcinogenic effects probably occur with drinking temperatures of 65 Celsius or above.

London - If you really want to enjoy your coffee, gulp it down.

Research suggests that the hot drink tastes better when it is guzzled quickly in big mouthfuls.

Doing so improves the aroma and the way in which flavour-rich compounds in gases are released, say Italian scientists.

In tests, a 25ml ‘gulp’ liberated more aromatic gases then a 10ml ‘sip’.

The bigger mouthful also led to a higher proportion of chocolate, malty and caramel-like smells which make the coffee seem richer and tastier.

In contrast, taking ladylike sips made it seem more acidic.

It is thought that having more liquid in the mouth increases the area in which chemical reactions can take place – allowing them to pass a threshold.

University of Naples researchers, who published their study in the journal Food Research International, also claimed that brands from their homeland performed better than imported varieties.

Saliva stripped away more of the aromatic compounds in American-style filter coffee than Italian versions, they said. Their advice for the perfect coffee is now – have an espresso and drink it quickly.

Barry Smith, founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses at the University of London, said: ‘It sounds sensible to take a bigger mouthful if you are going to get more chance of getting more aroma, since coffee is all about aroma.’ - Daily Mail