There’s been a whole lot of talk surrounding White Port lately and while some people scratch their heads in complete bewilderment, I can promise you white port is not only a real thing but has been around for a very long time.

In fact, the only major difference between red and white port is that white grapes are used to make white port and red grapes for all other port (but you knew that already). 

The recent craze to hit our drink-loving nation is the sumptuous P&T. You guessed it, white port and tonic with a simple citrus garnish. The notion of P&T is by no means a stranger to the world and the people of Porto, Portugal (the birth ground of port) have been drinking this for decades, especially the younger generations. 

Containing a similar level of sweetness to our beloved gin, white port provides the perfect taste and texture to create a sun-soothing tipple that will keep you refreshed - perfect for the welcomed weather we’ve been receiving as of late (sorry if I just jinxed it).  

If you like G&T’s then you really should give this a go, the other bonus being that you can save a little money in the process, as white port is typically a lot cheaper than gin. It’s also crucial that you get yourself a decent tonic.

How to make a thirst-quenching P&T:

Fill the glass ¾ full with ice
Add 1 part port 
Add 2 parts good quality tonic 
Gently stir about 5 times to ensure a good mix in the glass
Add a twist of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit as a garnish
Optional: Sprig of mint or some edible flowers if you want to get all fancy
Optional: Swap out the tonic for sparkling elderflower!

The above is a simple guide as to how to put together a standard P&T, but never feel the need to stick to the exact recipe (we’d never discover new things if people did that all the time). 

Feel free to branch out with tonic flavours, garnishes and white ports, as each P&T you create will be vastly different from the other.  

 The Independent