Why tequila is the spirit of the season

By Megan Baadjies Time of article published Sep 30, 2017

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Tequila carries the reputation of a round of drinks enjoyed on a night out which usually results in rough mornings filled with regrets and promises to never touch another shooter again, until the next time we decide we can handle it.  

Almost everyone has a good, bad or can barely remember tequila story.  

Usually enjoyed as a round of shooters, this drink dares to share the same premium cocktails status as gins, whisky and even vodka. Not only does it make a good cocktail, but tequila is great for pairing with food and even adding flavour. 

In her cookbook, Simply Nigella, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson marinates chicken – her favourite go-to dish  – in tequila to create a delicious tequila and lime chicken. 

Now who says you can’t have your tequila and eat it? With summer on the way, what is better than sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset after a long day – a tequila cocktail?

Tequila producers Herradura believes a quality tequila is best enjoyed as a premium cocktail and not as a shooter, breaking down the negative barrier about the drink. 

Travis Kuhn, one of the top mixologists in the country, says tequila is still the quintessential party drink, but it is also the perfect cocktail and after dinner drink. 

“There’s a tequila for every mood,”says Kuhn. 

“The only thing we know for sure is that tequila is one of the most flavourful spirits there is, which is why it’s the shot of choice. It’s packed with good flavour but it’s not sickly sweet. 

 “Tequila is the most sensible spirit you can get but this should not be taken lightly and one should always imbibe responsibly.”  

According to Kuhn, the tequila cocktail is most definitely the drink to have this summer. 

Tequila cocktails are always the toast of the summer with the Margarita being the poster pin-up cocktail. Who wouldn’t love the zing of freshly squeezed lime juice bouncing between a sweet orange liqueur and a salted rim with a Pony of Tequila?” 

The agave flavour makes tequila a great pairing with spicy foods, staying true to its Mexican origin.

“You should drink the tequila which better suits your mood more than what suits your meal. Because we don’t eat beautiful dishes just to get full, any more than we want to drink tequila because we are thirsty. Drinking tequila is an experience all on its own.”

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