Kahvé Road has a range coffee pods - pic supplied

The coffee culture is showing no sign of slowing down, in fact this #CoffeeDay you have more options than ever before.

Cold Brew and Nitro Coffees are steadily growing in popularity while coffee pods have become a staple in many kitchens across South Africa.

Nespresso leads the way when it comes to the commercial success of coffee pods and machines, which is why it’s often tough to find alternatives.

Kahvé Road in Cavendish Square, Cape Town is one such alternative and this week released a range of 5 blends of coffee pods so that you can brew their coffee in the comfort of your home.

The new capsule offering is available in their store in boxes of 10 capsules, retailing for R90 each. All capsules are Nespresso compatible.

The blends are Petra (house blend), Babylon (dark blend), Machu Picchu (light blend), Troy (decaf blend) and Chan Chan (Rooibos tea).

Coffee Capsule Blend Breakdown:
Petra (House Blend)

Coffee: Ethiopia, Columbia, Guatemala
Intensity: 6/10
Flavour Notes: Sweet milk chocolate, berries
Aroma: Caramelized berries

Babylon (Dark Blend)         

Coffee: Brazil, Indonesia, Columbia

Intensity: 8/10
Flavour Notes: Sweet, Creamy, Dark Coco
Aroma: Hazelnuts & Fresh Cream

Machu Picchu (Light Blend)

Coffee: Burundi, Uganda, Malawi
Intensity: 5/10
Flavour Notes: Fresh Melon & Orange
Aroma: Bright & Fresh

Troy (Decaf)

Decaf Coffee: Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo
Intensity: 6/10
Flavour Notes: Good Body, Chocolate, Tobacco
Aroma: Rich Coco, Aged Pear

Chan Chan (Rooibos)

Tea: Spiced Red Rooibos Tea
Flavour: Woody Spice, Caramel, Peach
Aroma: Sweet Fynbos

Pic Nathan Adams