Sanesh Bhengu (front, right) with fellow contestants, Rourke Mc Arthur, Stephen Wilken and Georgia Bowers
Sanesh Bhengu is one of Durban's socialites, whose every move is followed by the tabloid press and social media gossip mongers. 

The journalist-turned-publicist, is one of the most known figures in the Durban social scene and hobnobs with the city's and KZN province's influential set. 

But is she also after infamy? Possibly so, after availing herself to be a participant in the Durban-centric episode of BBC Lifestyle's Come Dine With Me South Africa. Judging from her social media accounts, she loves good food and practically lives on Kauai. 

But can she cook and entertain guests? I guess we will have to wait and see. 

She shared a bit on what makes her tick

If you could invite four famous people (dead or alive) to a dream dinner party, who would your guests be?

I don't get star struck that easily but I'd love to have dinner with Evelyn Lozada -the Basketball Wives star, NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Robert Marawa, Pastor Joel Osteen and Minister Lindiwe Zulu — I love that woman.

What is your signature dish, which your friends and family rave about?

Ha… Braai meat?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest) how would you score your dinner party hosting skills?

Because I'm honest, I would give myself a 5 for bravery and effort
Durban socialite, Sanesh Bhengu, is to cook up a storm on #CDWMSA. Here she is with fellow contestants, Rourke Mc Arthur, Stephen Wilken and Georgia Bowers
What’s been you biggest dinner party disaster to date?

I invited friends over and requested that they bring their own food as I didn't have time to cook. Champagne was flowing but no food.

If you could invite a South African entertainer to perform at your dinner party –who would you invite?

I would invite Mthandeni Manqele famously known as Igcokama Elisha. He's a Maskandi artist, Maskandi King and very stylish.

How do you want to be remembered on CDWM SA following your dinner party?

People must remember me as an honest person. Bubbly personality, a champagne doll but mostly a young lady that was brave enough to enter a cooking show while she doesn't cook at all.

What do you think makes you the ultimate host with the most?

I keep it classy and bubbly. Hard luck if you're not a champagne person. Some of us don't need a reason to celebrate  — being alive is a celebration of its own, now pop that bottle.

What is your idea of a nightmare dinner party and guests? 

Not being given meat and my favourite drink.  Being surrounded by rude guests.