There is nothing worse than a hollow surprise when biting into your Easter bunny - or egg. 
Picture: The Kate Tin
There is nothing worse than a hollow surprise when biting into your Easter bunny - or egg. Picture: The Kate Tin

Easy ways to fill hollow Easter eggs

By Megan Baadjies Time of article published Apr 6, 2019

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Easter is all about enjoying your favourite chocolate, but you can be left with a bitter taste in your mouth when you find that the beautifully wrapped chocolate you’ve bought is hollow.

Some store-bought Easter eggs are often colourful and can make you think that you’re getting a little more than you bargained for - only to realise you bought chocolate without any filling.

If you do fall into that trap this Easter, there are many fun and creative ways to fill your chocolate and sweeten things up.

Even if you don’t want to fill your chocolate with more chocolate, there are many other options available.

Astro fillings have become very popular, but you can also use caramel, mousse, or you can even make a cake filling. 

Blogger, author and chocolate fundie, Katelyn Williams is the authority on all things sweet.

Photo by from Pexels

Her recently published book, Chocolate and blog The Kate Tin is a treasure trove of sweet inspiration.

Williams says people are moving towards good quality, artisanal chocolates that may cost a little extra but taste great. 

"A lot of the store bought Easter eggs are made with really cheap chocolate and a lot of the time they taste terrible, which is why I resort to filling them with delicious things to make up for the chocolate. I think the trend is going towards that and I would hope people are prepared to pay a little bit more for something that is more beautiful and it’s a lot more thoughtful than giving someone an egg that’s just available anywhere," she says. 

While Easter is mainly aimed at kids, as adults we’re often guilty of indulging while no one is watching.

Williams has the recipe for you. 

Her chocolate Chocolate Cinnamon Easter Bunny Milkshakes is made with Amarula, making this the perfect adult Easter egg. 

"It’s made with a standard milkshake with Amarula. I use a chocolate bunny, whack off its ear and fill the rabbit with the very adult milkshake," she says. 

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