Days before compiling recipes and facts and figures ahead of World Egg Day I read in the Cape Argus: “Around 70% of the eggs in the Western Cape are gone, as the H5N8 strain of the highly pathogenic avian flu continues to spread across the province.”

It gets you thinking quite honestly about eggs and the role it plays in many of your kitchen creations. From baking to the potato salad at the braai eggs play an essential role in the meals we prepare all year long. 

If it was a seasonal product you could make peace with possibly scaling down your use, but eggs are the go to in any kitchen whenever you’re not really in the mood to cook but you need to eat something filling.

The SA Poultry Association stated in its latest report that “In August 2017 an average of 380 100 cases of eggs was produced per week; a monthly decrease of 8 550 cases (-2.2%). 

“The average weekly egg production during August 2017 decreased by 26 200 cases (-6.5%) compared to August 2016. The rate of lay for the national flock for the month under review was estimated to be 83.8%.”

This coupled with panic buying means that there will be less eggs on the shelves, some stores in Cape Town are already running out.

So if you’re lucky enough to still have a few eggs at home, treasure them and make something truly delicious with it because you never know when you’ll get a chance to crack an egg in the future.