Fresh caipirinha poptail. Picture from Pinterest
Fresh caipirinha poptail. Picture from Pinterest

Everything you need to know about poptails

By Lebohang Mosia Time of article published Apr 9, 2019

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Poptails are a great way to wind down and there are many recipes available for you to browse, mix, freeze, and enjoy. 

From sweet, creamy popsicles to icy renditions of some of our favourite cocktails, they are so much fun and can serve as inspiration for creating your own custom ice poptails.

Kiwi Martini Poptail. Picture from Pinterest

Before you get to explore the plethora of recipes, here are some tips for creating great poptails

  • It is advised to keep the ratio to about 4:1 of mixers to booze. One reason is that liquor does not freeze well, so this lower proportion will still enable the pop to freeze up.
  • Poptails will have a softer texture than non-spiked ice pops. It is due to the alcohol and its freezing point, so it is best to keep these in the freezer until the very last minute.
Berry Sangria Cream Poptail. Picture from PinterestAn ice pop
  • An ice pop mold is the easiest way to make popsicles and they are inexpensive. Most molds make 6 to 10 80 ml poptails and some include the stick holder, which is very convenient.
  • You have to give yourself extra time if you want to create layered poptails. For a crisp line, each layer will need to set completely before adding the next. If you want softer lines, add the second layer when the first is only partially frozen. Keep the ingredients chilled in between layers for a quicker freeze.
  • Strain fresh fruit purees for smoother ice pops. The solid bits of fruit will freeze much harder than the rest of the poptail and may not be very desirable.
Watermelon Margarita Poptail. Picture from Pinterest
  • To eliminate air bubbles in creamy popsicles, partially fill the mold then give it some light taps on the countertop and continue to fill.
  • If your popsicle mold does not have a built-in stick holder, freeze the poptails for about an hour then insert sticks. This will help the stick stand up straight.
Tequila Sunrise Yogurt Pop. Picture from Pinterest
  • The time it takes to freeze pops is going to vary based on the recipe and your freezer. It is usually best to prepare poptails a day ahead of the event. You may be able to get away with five hours or so, but it is just best to plan ahead (remember the alcohol factor).
  • Once completely frozen, submerge the mold about halfway in warm water for about 30 seconds or run it under warm water.

It should go without saying, but if you are going to make poptails and there are children around, please be sure that they do not have access to these adults-only treats.

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